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Several factors affecting the frequency of leaf regeneration of Ziziphus jujuba ‘Huizao’ were investigated in this study, including basal medium, plant growth regulators, leaf maturity, explant orientation, and additive chemicals. The results showed that the highest shoot regeneration frequency (82.25%) was obtained on woody plant medium supplemented with(More)
A systematic study of velocity oscillations in turbulent thermal convection is carried out in small aspect-ratio cells filled with water. Local velocity fluctuations and temperature-velocity cross-correlation functions are measured over varying Rayleigh numbers and spatial positions across the entire convection cell. These structural measurements reveal how(More)
Time-domain electromagnetic system can implement great depth detection. As for the electromagnetic system, the receiver utilized an air coil sensor, and the matching mode of the sensor employed the resistance matching method. By using the resistance matching method, the vibration of the coil in the time domain can be effectively controlled. However, the(More)
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