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The pH-induced isomerization of horse heart cytochrome c has been studied by 1H NMR. We find that the transition occurring in D2O with a pKa measured as 9.5 +/- 0.1 is from the native species to a mixture of two basic forms which have very similar NMR spectra. The heme methyl peaks of these two forms have been assigned by 2D exchange NMR. The forward rate(More)
The ionic strength dependence of the electron self-exchange rate constants of cytochromes c, c551, and b5 has been analyzed in terms of a monopole-dipole formalism (van Leeuwen, J.W. 1983. Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 743:408-421). The dipole moments of the reduced and oxidized forms of Ps. aeruginosa cytochrome c551 are 190 and 210 D, respectively (calculated(More)
Wiring among rectangular blocks is an important component in hierarchical layout. This paper presents algorithms for path search on rectangular floorplan. A fast Steiner tree algorithm of linear complexity is proposed based on a new heuristic of converging search. Taking into account the positional distribution of terminals on the floorplan, it finds the(More)
The rapid socioeconomic development and expanding human-induced hydrological alteration have strengthened the interactions between the social and hydrologic systems. To assess regional water supply security under changing water supply and demand condition in strongly human-impacted area, an integrated water resources management model that fully incorporates(More)
The development of imaging technology for acquiring ever-faster images has been an ongoing activity since the early years of MR imaging development. This article gives the reader a sense of the range of technical challenges faced by the developers of faster imaging hardware and some of their solutions. Before reviewing the technical issues, however, the(More)
Objective: To explore the mechanism of abnormal expression of microRNA155 (miR155) in myeloma drug-resistance to probe the possibility of inhibiting miR155 expression to restore chemotherapy sensitivity and its molecular mechanism in drug-resistant myeloma cells. Methods: Drug-resistant myeloma cell-line RPMI8226/DOX was established by culturing RPMI8226(More)
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