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SmB6, a well-known Kondo insulator, exhibits a transport anomaly at low temperature. This anomaly is usually attributed to states within the hybridization gap. Recent theoretical work and transport measurements suggest that these in-gap states could be ascribed to topological surface states, which would make SmB6 the first realization of topological Kondo(More)
Chorispora bungeana Fisch. and C.A. Mey (Chorispora bungeana) is a rare alpine subnival plant species that is highly tolerant to environmental stress. Phospholipase D (PLD) is a key enzyme involved in membrane phospholipid catabolism during plant growth, development and stress responses. We have isolated and partially characterized a full-length cDNA(More)
We investigated the effect of enhanced atmospheric ammonia (NH3) in combination with low and high nitrogen (LN and HN, respectively) growth medium on photosynthetic characteristics of two maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars (NE5 with high- and SD19 with low N-use efficiency) across long-term growth period and their diurnal change patterns exposed to 10 nl l−1 and(More)
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