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Ichthyophthiriasis is a widespread disease in aquaculture and causes mass mortalities of fish. The development of new antiprotozoal agents for the treatment of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis infections is of increasing interest. The aim of the present study was to investigate the efficacy of 30 medicinal plants against I. multifiliis. The results showed that(More)
An experimental arrangement is described where a Babinet-Soleil compensator is inserted into the path of one of the three beams used for noncoplanar beam interference lithography. This birefringent element can change the phase of the beam so that either a positive two-dimensional pattern or an inverselike structure is generated in a photoresist without(More)
for characterizing molecules was a signifi cant breakthrough that build upon the 2002 Nobel-prize winning studies of Tanaka on soft desorption ionization methods for mass spectrometric analyses. [ 3 ] Typically, MALDI-MS involves using the output of an ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) laser to excite a solid solution containing a small light-absorbing(More)
Nanomagnetic logic (NML) has attracted extensive interest as an alternative for digital circuit design due to its advantages of low power consumption and non-volatility. [1-4] NML builds from nano-scale magnets with separation between neighbouring magnets on the order ~20 nm. [3, 4] Through magnetostatic interactions between neighbouring magnets, NML(More)
  • Xingkai Hua, Linru Niea, X. K. Hu, L. R. Nie
  • 2017
In this paper, a new sufficient condition for asymptotic stability of nonlinear systems with impulse time window is established, which avoids solving linear matrix inequalities, being simpler than some previous research results. For the system with disturbance input and bounded gain error due to limit of equipment and technology in practical applications,(More)
A new nanostructure initiator mass spectrometry (NIMS) methodology is presented that uses the strategy of fluorous-phase immobilization and capture by a maleimide-functionalized affinity tag to selectively enrich peptide subsets containing cysteine residues. This surface-based approach allows complex protein digests to be analyzed. The proposed platform(More)
The present study was undertaken to isolate the active compounds responsible for the anthelmintic activity of methanol extract of Semen pharbitidis against Dactylogyrus intermedius in goldfish (Carassius auratus). The active methanol extract was fractionated on silica gel column chromatography in a bioassay-guided fractionation, eventually yielding two(More)
In this paper we provide a detailed discussion of the domain wall (DW) magneto-Seebeck effect. We introduce a phenomenological model and calculate the expected DW thermopower. Hereby we take also out-of-plane components of the temperature gradient into account. We conduct temperature dependent measurements to distinguish between the genuine magneto-Seebeck(More)
We study the ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) modes of arrays consisting of elements of supermalloy-based nanomagnet logic devices: individual rectangular magnets, lengthwise-coupled magnet pairs, and driver-input magnet pairs. In FMR experiments, we observe a center resonance mode for all three samples. Furthermore, edge modes can be resolved for arrays with(More)
The fragmentation of a potential visible matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization: Rhodamine 610 was studied under 532 nm visible irradiation, as a function of anion counter ion. It was found that at a fixed fluence, the chloride salt produced fewer fragments than those formed with ClO(4)(-) or BF(4)(-). Evidence presented suggests that the degree of(More)