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When information is limited or costly, agents are unable to engage in optimal arbitrage. Excess price dispersion across markets can arise and goods may not be allocated efficiently; in this setting, information technologies may improve market performance and increase welfare. Between 1997 and 2001, mobile phone service was introduced throughout Kerala, a(More)
Induction of myocardial necrosis by isoproterenol produces resistance to the necrogenic effects of subsequent doses of the drug. A series of experiments were performed to further define the determinants of resistance. Myocardial necrosis was induced in male Sprague-Dawley rats by sc injection of isoproterenol at 50 micrograms/kg daily for 10 consecutive(More)
To examine the cardiotoxic interaction between beta-adrenergic bronchodilators and theophylline, we tested the effects of isoproterenol or bitolterol alone and in combinations with aminophylline in experimental animals, both electrocardiographically and histologically. The sc LD50 values for isoproterenol in 4- to 5-month-old, 500-600 g (heavy) and 1.5- to(More)
Oxidative metabolism in activated human polymorphonuclears catabolizes leukotriene B4 by a cytochrome P450 omega-hydroxylase and procainamide by a myeloperoxidase. The percentage of leukotriene B4 metabolized by activated human polymorphonuclears and the apparent enzymatic parameters of procainamide metabolism were studied ex vivo in six healthy volunteers(More)
Asthma morbidity and mortality have risen significantly in the last 10 years. The reasons for the increase are multifactorial. One proposed explanation is possible myocardial toxicity arising from the use of beta-agonists alone or in combination with methylxanthines. Previous studies have shown that beta-agonists given alone and beta-agonist/methylxanthine(More)
Beta agonists such as isoproterenol are widely used in the treatment of acute asthmatic attacks. It would not be unexpected that some patients receiving isoproterenol might have ingested caffeine as an over-the-counter drug or beverage. This study explores the possible interaction between these two drugs. Anesthetized minipigs were injected with 0.5 mg/kg(More)
An overdose of propranolol, a widely used nonselective beta-adrenergic receptor blocking agent, can result in hypotension and bradycardia leading to irreversible shock and death. In addition, the blockade of adrenergic receptors can lead to alterations in neurotransmitter receptors resulting in the interruption of the activity of other second messengers and(More)
The degradation characteristics of 56 individual newly synthesized proteins of the Day 4 mouse blastocyst have been examined employing double isotope labeling of proteins for half-life measurement and two-dimensional electrophoresis for separation of proteins. The half-lives ranged from 1 to approximately 30 h with a mean of 12.4 h. Several proteins(More)
This paper presents the design, and simulation of a soft switched boost converter for a switched reluctance motor with a closed loop controller. A soft switching scheme is proposed in the converter with minimum components, which reduces the switching loss and stress across the switch so that the harmonic generation is reduced in the output. The switch used(More)