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  • Robert Jensen, Reuben Abraham, Christopher Avery, Satish Babu, Suzanne Cooper, Peter Cherian +16 others
  • 2006
When information is limited or costly, agents are unable to engage in optimal arbitrage. Excess price dispersion across markets can arise and goods may not be allocated efficiently; in this setting, information technologies may improve market performance and increase welfare. Between 1997 and 2001, mobile phone service was introduced throughout Kerala, a(More)
It is well known that an excessive release of glutamate in the mammalian brain plays a major role in several neurological diseases. Naftazone (Etioven) is a currently used vasoprotectant drug that is metabolized in humans by reduction and glucuronidation. In the present study naftazone was found to decrease glutamate levels in the cerebro spinal fluid (CSF)(More)
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