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Thermal conductivity (kappa) of isolated carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is higher than the kappa of diamond; however, in this Letter we show that the kappa of a packed bed of three-dimensional random networks of single and multiwall CNTs is smaller than that of thermally insulating amorphous polymers. The thermoelectric power (Sigma) of the random network of CNTs(More)
Young children with sickle cell disease are at risk of brain damage, including stroke. We tested the hypothesis that such patients are also at risk of cognitive impairment. We characterized the cognitive ability of kindergarten children to minimize the effect of disease-related school absence. The Memphis City Schools use the Developing Skills Checklist, a(More)
In an attempt to identify similarities between methods for estimating a mean function with different types of response or observation processes, we explore a general theoretical framework for nonparametric estimation of the mean function of a response process subject to incomplete observations. Special cases of the response process include quantitative(More)
In many longitudinal studies, the individual characteristics associated with the repeated measures may be possible covariates of the time to an event of interest, and thus, it is desirable to model the time-to-event process and the longitudinal process jointly. Statistical analyses may be further complicated in such studies with missing data such as(More)
We develop nonparametric estimation procedures for the marginal mean function of a counting process based on periodic observations, using two types of self-consistent estimating equations. The first is derived from the likelihood studied in Wellner & Zhang (2000), assuming a Poisson counting process, and gives a nondecreasing estimator, which is the same as(More)
In an attempt to provide a tool to assess antiretroviral therapy and to monitor disease progression, this article studies association of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) viral suppression and immune restoration. The data from a recent acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) study are used for illustration. We jointly model HIV viral dynamics and time(More)
The 24-week extension of AIDS Clinical Trials Group Protocol 359, a study of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected, indinavir-experienced patients, was designed to study the durability of "salvage" treatment regimens. Patients received saquinavir in combination with either ritonavir or nelfinavir and, in addition, delavirdine, adefovir, or both.(More)
This paper considers nonparametric estimation of the mean function of a counting process based on periodic observations, i.e., panel counts. We present estimators derived through minimizing a class of generalized sums of squares subject to a monotonicity constraint. We establish consistency of the estimators and provide procedures to implement them with(More)
We report optical properties of the smallest single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) with a diameter of only 3 A. These ultrasmall SWNTs are fabricated in the elliptical nanochannels of an AlPO-11 (AEL) single crystal. Polarized and resonant Raman scattering unambiguously revealed that these 0.3 nm SWNTs are of (2,2) armchair symmetry. Interestingly, the(More)
Motivated by a cancer survivorship program, this paper explores event counts from two categories of individuals with unobservable membership. We formulate the counts using a latent class model and consider two likelihood-based inference procedures, the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) and a pseudo-MLE procedure. The pseudo-MLE utilizes additional(More)