X. J. Tang

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A high frequency planar inductor fabricated directly on ferrite substrate is proposed in this paper. The NiCuZu ferrite was selected as the substrate. Due to NiCuZn's high resistivity, no insulator is required. So, it is an advantage in terms of ease fabricated and stray capacitance reduction. Sandwiched inductors show improvement of inductance from 16nH to(More)
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is an efficient remote sensing tool for geophysical subsurface survey. These structure characteristics are recorded in radar signal profiles by means of echo detection, amplitude and phase estimation. Besides the energy attenuation and absorption of GPR EM pulse during its propagating downward direction into the ground from a(More)
It is expected that integration of magnetic thin films onto semiconductors will allow novel applications such as spin-dependent electronics, magnetic storage and integrated sensors. But electrodeposition magnetic thin films onto semiconductors with a thin conducting layer will introduce an additional step in process and bring new problem of current(More)
A method to perform calculation of the inductance of sandwich inductors is presented. In this method, we have divided the total inductance into two parts: self- and mutual inductance brought about by the coreless inductor, and the inductance brought about by the magnetic film. For the self- and mutual inductance, Biot-Savat law is adopted. Through the(More)
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