X. J. Tang

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The tasseled cap transformation of remote sensing data has been widely used in agriculture, forest, ecology, and landscape. In this paper, tasseled cap transformation coefficients appropriate for data from a new sensor (China & Brazil Earth Resource Satellite (CBERS-02B)) are presented. The first three components after transformation captured 98% of the(More)
Focusing primari iy on system architecture, this paper describes the current status of a truly mobile robot, the KDM-1, in our Laboratory. Fully self-contained and equipped with a single vision, low Level sensors, such as ultrasonic, and an odometer, the KDM-1 is capable of performing several functions including detcting and avoiding obstacles,(More)
Compared with the traditional method of water quality management, using remote sensing technology in monitoring the water quality has a wider application perspective. For a water body of large scale, the Moderate resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) is more appropriate data for its high temporal resolution for timely and dynamic monitoring, moderate(More)
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