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This paper presents a novel speckle suppression method for medical B-scan ultrasonic images. An original image is first separated into two parts with an adaptive filter. These two parts are then transformed into a multiscale wavelet domain and the wavelet coefficients are processed by a soft thresholding method, which is a variation of Donoho's soft(More)
Four new metabolites, aglacins A-D (1-4), were identified from the methanol extract of the stem bark of Aglaia cordata. These compounds represent a new class of aryltetralin cyclic ether lignan. The structure of aglacin A (1) including the absolute configuration was elucidated by interpretation of spectral data, X-ray crystal structure determination, and(More)
The effects of the stoichiometry of the Si-rich oxide (SRO) layer, O/Si ratio, on the structural and optical properties of SRO/SiO2 multilayer films were investigated in this work. SRO/SiO2 multilayer films with different O/Si ratios were grown by a co-sputtering technique, and Si quantum dots (QDs) were formed with post-deposition annealing. By(More)
Doping of Si nanocrystals is an important topic in the emerging field of Si nanocrystals based all-Si tandem solar cells. Boron-doped Si nanocrystals embedded in a silicon dioxide matrix were realized by a co-sputtering process, followed by high temperature annealing. The x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy B 1s signal attributable to Si-B (187 eV) and/or B-B(More)
Silicon nanocrystals embedded in an oxide matrix formed in a multilayer architecture were deposited by the magnetron sputtering method. By means of Raman spectroscopy we have found that compressive stress is exerted on the silicon nanocrystal core. The stress varies as a function of silicon concentration (O/Si ratio) in the silicon-rich oxide (SRO) layers,(More)
The effect of doping by boron on optical properties of multilayers containing Si-NCs were studied by means of photoluminescence (PL), time-resolved PL, photoluminescence excitation (PLE), transmission and reflection measurements. It was found that PL decay is strongly non-single exponential and can be described by means of Laplace transform of log-normal(More)
This paper introduces the value of three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging and it's different realizing approaches. It deliberately analyzes the key techniques used in three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging. These techniques include registration of two-dimensional images, accurate reconstruction of three-dimensional volume, projection of irregularly sampled(More)
During a survey for beta-thalassemia in Kashi City, Xinjiang Province, P.R. China, four unrelated Uygur students were identified as heterozygotes for the beta-thalassemia frameshift at codon 8 (-AA). Detection was with the polymerase chain reaction combined with allele-specific oligonucleotide hybridization. This beta-thalassemia allele has not been(More)