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We report an unusual case of spheno-ethmoidal rhinoscleroma. This chronic granulomatous disease occurs sporadically in Western Europe. Culture is necessary for diagnosis showing the causative organism of rhinoscleroma, Klebsiella rhinoscleromatis. Immunocytochemistry is used in any suspicious case with a negative culture. Antibiotics are the mainstay of(More)
Infiltrating lipomas are rare benign tumors. Several cases have previously been reported in the oral cavity but only three cases have been reported to date in children. We report a case of a 7-year-old child with an infiltrating lipoma of the neck and a posterior extension to the fourth and fifth cervical roots and the vertebral artery. The absence of any(More)
Although parathyroid cysts are rarely described in the literature, they should be considered in the differential diagnosis of cysts occurring in the anterior compartment of the neck. We report two cases. The presence of elevated parahormone in the clear fluid aspirate is the diagnostic criterion. Parathyroid cysts may be functional, probably resulting from(More)
The authors report a case of maxillary ameloblastoma presenting as nasal obstruction. An histopathologic description is done. The difference of clinical course between intra-osseous and extra-osseous (peripheral) ameloblastoma are recalled. The desmoplatic histologic type, recently described in medical literature, is exceptional. Surgery remains the adapted(More)
Microendoscopic treatment of hypopharyngeal (Zenker's) diverticulum was performed in 31 patients during the period 1990-1995. The CO2 laser combined with the operating microscope has been used. 33 endoscopic procedures were performed (2 procedures were needed for 2 patients). The average age of the patients was 70.3 years (46-86 years). The average length(More)
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