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Histological and ultrastructural studies have been undertaken on a perineal rhabdomyosarcoma from a newborn child. The spontaneous tumour has the typical feature of mesenchymoma. The recurrent tumour, however, displays some rhabdopoietic characteristics. The myosin of the recurrent tumour has been extracted and compared with human fetal myosin. These two(More)
Polyclonal auto-anti-idiotypic antibodies (AAIs), detected in antisera of rabbits immunized with acetylcholine conjugate, have already been characterized. In this paper, we report on a cytochemical application of these AAIs on skeletal muscle motor endplates of an invertebrate. We have shown that there is a non-uniformly distributed reaction in the synaptic(More)
8-Azidoadenine was used as a photoaffinity reagent to characterize the purine-cytosine permease of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is a potent competitive inhibitor of cytosine uptake and irradiation of the cells incubated with the label induced the irreversible inactivation of cytosine uptake. Addition of excess cytosine prevented this labelling which was(More)
Pig heart myosins isolated from the free wall of the right ventricle and the free wall of the left ventricle were compared with respect to structural and enzymatic properties. The following parameters were studied (1) activation of myosin ATase by Ca2+ and K+j(2) molecular weight of the heavy and light chains of myosins as determined by electrophoretic(More)
To aid in structural studies of pig cardiac myosin light chains (L27 and L28), a procedure of ion-exchange chromatography (IEC) on Trisacryl M (noted for its high capacity) in combination with reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) and volatile buffers has been developed. In contrast with other IEC methods (resins or HPIEC), the use(More)
A simple, rapid and efficient procedure is developed to isolate proteins with identical or different isoelectric points such as pig cardiac myosin light chains. Preparative electrophoresis on discontinuous polyacrylamide slab gels in the presence of urea allows a very good separation of each light chain (L27 and L18) and heavy chain from highly purified(More)
s of the XVIII European and Motility Conference on Muscle DE BLIJE WERELT, LUNTEREN, THE NETHERLANDS SEPTEMBER 12-16, 1989 REGULATION OF CONTRACTION Inorganic cations and muscl,e contractility V. P. N e s t e r o v Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, USSR Academy of Sciences, Leningrad, USSR , Four major inorganic cations Na +,(More)
Comparison between pig atrial and ventricular myosins was performed on the light chains (using SDS-PAGE) and on the heavy chains (using Ca2+-ATPase measurements and NTCBA peptide mapping). Light chain composition of pig cardiac myosins was compared to three other species ones (frog, chicken and human). Up to birds, atrial and ventricular myosin light chain(More)
Pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide (PACAP) is a member of the secretin family. It is widely distributed in the central and peripheral nervous systems. The highest concentration of PACAP was found in the hypothalamus. In the present work it has been studied whether PACAP is involved in the mediation of photic stimuli to the anterior pituitary(More)
Tumoral myosins were isolated from rat and rabbit rhabdomyosarcomas and compared with normal adult and fetal skeletal myosins. The synthetic filaments, the light-chain composition and the Ca2+ ATP-ase activity were studied. In the presence of Mg2+, normal myosins precipitated as bipolar filaments (0.5 micrometer), fetal and tumoral myosins, however,(More)
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