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We report the stomatal cluster development mechanism and distribution pattern in Cinnamomum camphora. The results indicated that the clustered arrangement of meristemoids at the juvenile stage of the leaf development contributed greatly to the pattern of stomatal clusters. Additionally, division of an epidermal cell (EC), which is between small stomata, and(More)
Image registration/video mosaicing can be computed by the intensity difference minimization between two images. The image appearance changes are normally caused by images taken under different viewpoints. Families of spatial transformations are used to compensate for the difference. Different sensors and different illumination conditions can also change(More)
The ultimate life of a microelectronics component is often limited by failure of a solder joint due to crack growth through the laminate under a contact pad (cratering), through the intermetallic bond to the pad, or through the solder itself. Whatever the failure mode proper assessments or even relative comparisons of life in service are not possible based(More)
This paper presents an experimental investigation of a novel strain sensor based on a single-mode-multimode-single-mode (SMS) fiber structure using perfluorinated graded index polymer optical fiber as the multimode fiber section. The experimental results showed that the strain sensitivity is as high as 101 pm/με, which is 16 times higher than(More)
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