X. D. Huang

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High-efficient fibrous dye-sensitized solar cell with carbon nanotube (CNT) thin films as counter electrodes has been reported. The CNT films were fabricated by coating CNT paste or spraying CNT suspension solution on Ti wires. A fluorine tin oxide-coated CNT underlayer was used to improve the adherence of the CNT layer on Ti substrate for sprayed samples.(More)
We propose a series of icosahedral matryoshka clusters of A@B12@A20 (A = Sn, Pb; B = Mg, Zn, Cd), which possess large HOMO-LUMO gaps (1.29 to 1.54 eV) and low formation energies (0.06 to 0.21 eV/atom). A global minimum search using a genetic algorithm and density functional theory calculations confirms that such onion-like three-shell structures are the(More)
Speaker normalization may have a significant impact on both speaker-adaptive and speaker-independent speech recognition. In this paper, a codeword-dependent neural network (CDNN) is presented for speaker normalization. The network is used as a nonlinear mapping function to transform speech data between two speakers. The mapping function is characterized by(More)
In this paper, we prove the sharp estimates for the multilinear commutator related to the Marcinkiewicz operator. By using the sharp estimates, we obtain the boundedness of the multilinear commutator on Morrey spaces. 1. Introduction As the development of singular integral operators, their commutators have been well studied(see [1][3-5][10-12]). Let T be(More)