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A 30-year old man suddenly developed left hemiplegia. CT scan and cerebral angiography showed complete thrombosis of a right internal carotid giant aneurysm. Anterograde propagation of the thrombus in the parent artery led to ipsilateral hemispheric infarction, an exceptional presenting symptom of such vascular malformation. The diagnostic and(More)
In Bangui (Central African Republic) where HIV1 prevalence was 7.8% in 1987, 61 cases of herpes zoster have been studied: 17 "during" AIDS and 44 "isolated" cases. During AIDS, herpes zoster has no prognosis value. When it seems to be "isolated", herpes zoster is closely linked to HIV1: 42 seropositives out of 44 (predictive value of 95%) and it announces(More)
Mayotte is a little French island, located in the Indian ocean, between Madagascar and Mozambic. Officially, the population goes up to 150,000 inhabitants, but in fact, it probably comes up to about 200,000 people, because of a very numerous illegal immigration, especially coming from Anjouan, the nearest Comorian island. Up to now there are no data about(More)
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