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BACKGROUND In asthma, the airway inflammatory phenotype influences clinical characteristics and treatment response. Although induced sputum is the gold standard test for phenotyping asthma, a more accessible method is needed for clinical practice. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether white blood cell counts and/or their derived ratios can predict sputum(More)
In China, there are four types of liver abscesses (LAs) that meet the clinical criteria. Pyogenic liver abscesses (PLAs) and amoebic liver abscesses (ALAs) are two of the most common types of abscesses, followed by fungal liver abscesses (FLAs) and hydatid secondary liver abscesses (HsLAs). Diabetes mellitus (DM) is associated with the development of PLAs.(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The sodium channel is a primary target for treating central nervous system disorders such as epilepsy. In this study the anticonvulsant effect of BmK IT2, a sodium channel-specific neurotoxin, was evaluated in different animal models of epilepsy. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH Experiments were performed on freely moving rats made epileptic(More)
Recently single-cell whole-exome sequencing (scWES) has deeply expanded and sharpened our knowledge of cancer evolution and subclonality. Herein, with scWES and matched bulk whole-exome sequencing (bulk WES) on two colorectal cancer (CRC) patients with normal or adenomatous polyps, we found that both the adenoma and cancer were of monoclonal origin, and(More)
BACKGROUND It has been suggested that the p300 transcriptional coactivator participates in the regulation of a wide range of cell biological processes, and mutations in p300 have been identified in various cancers. OBJECTIVES To investigate p300 expression in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC) tissues and its effect on the outcome of patients with(More)
SIR – The clinical heterogeneity of schizophrenia has long been recognized as the signs and symptoms of the disease are so complex and diverse. To simplify the complexity of the clinical presentation of schizophrenia, a subdivision has been made into ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ symptoms. The positive symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, disorganized(More)
Mutations in the thyroid hormone receptor (TR) beta gene result in resistance to thyroid hormone (RTH), characterized by reduced sensitivity of tissues to thyroid hormone. To understand which physiological TR pathways are affected by mutant receptors, we crossed mice with a dominantly negative TRbeta mutation (TRbetaPV) with mice carrying a TRbeta null(More)
AIM Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), endorectal ultrasound (EUS) and computed tomography (CT) are commonly used to evaluate lymph node (LN) metastasis for rectal cancer, but there is no agreement on which form of imaging is most accurate. The study aimed to review systematically the diagnostic performance of the three imaging modalities. METHOD The(More)
A unified approach to optimize multidrug chemotherapy using a pharmacokinetic (PK)/enhanced pharmacodynamic model was developed using the vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (VEGFR) signaling system. The base VEGFR network model, characterized by ligand-receptor interactions, enzyme recruitment (Grb2-Sos, phospholipase C γ (PLCγ), and(More)
PURPOSE To determine if the prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients after radical hepatectomy may be indicated by the degree and pattern of contrast enhancement on preoperative computed tomography (CT) scan of the tumor. MATERIALS The degree and patterns of enhancement of HCC tumor images were retrospectively reviewed of 87 HCC patients who(More)