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The comparison of the black hole mass function (BHMF) of active galactic nuclei (AGN) relics with the measured mass function of the massive black holes in galaxies provides strong evidence for the growth of massive black holes being dominated by mass accretion. We derive the Eddington ratio distributions as functions of black hole mass and redshift from a(More)
The effects of plasma treatment on the surface properties of Si-doped Al 0.5 Ga 0.5 N were studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and metal contact measurements. Plasma treatment resulted in a N-deficient nonstoichiometric AlGaN surface with an increased O concentration and large red shifts of photoelectron peaks. The red shifts remained after removal(More)
The effects of surface treatment using Cl 2 /BCl 3 and Ar inductive coupled plasmas on the Ohmic characteristics of Ti/ Al/ Ti/ Au contacts to n-type Al x Ga 1−x N ͑x =0–0.5͒ were investigated. Plasma treatment significantly increased the surface conductivity of GaN and Al 0.1 Ga 0.9 N, leading to improved Ohmic behaviors of the contacts. However, it(More)
The central black-hole masses of 85 radio-loud quasars are estimated using available data of H β line-width and optical continuum luminosity. The vast majority of the quasars in this sample have black-hole masses larger than 10 8 M ⊙ , while a few quasars may contain relatively smaller black-holes. It is found that the radio-loudness decreases with the(More)
We investigate the X-ray origin in FR Is using the radio, submillimetre, optical , and Chandra X-ray data of a small sample consisting of eight FR I sources. These sources are very dim, with X-ray luminosities L X /L Edd ∼ 10 −4 − 10 −8 (L X is the X-ray luminosity between 2-10 keV). We try to fit the multiwaveband spectrum using a coupled accretion-jet(More)
We explore the relation between black hole mass (M BH) and the motion of the jet components for a sample of blazars. The Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) 2cm Survey and its continuation: Monitoring of Jets in active galactic nuclei (AGNs) with VLBA Experiments (MOJAVE) have observed 278 radio-loud AGNs, of which 146 blazars have reliable measurements on(More)