Xénophon Krokidis

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Statistical mechanics provides the link between microscopic properties of matter and its bulk properties. The grand canonical ensemble formalism was applied to contracting rat skeletal muscles, the soleus (SOL, n = 30) and the extensor digitalis longus (EDL, n = 30). Huxley's equations were used to calculate force (pi) per single crossbridge (CB),(More)
Human placental stem villi (PSV) present contractile properties. In vitro mechanics were investigated in 40 human PSV. Contraction of PSV was induced by both KCl exposure (n = 20) and electrical tetanic stimulation (n = 20). Isotonic contractions were registered at several load levels ranging from zero-load up to isometric load. The tension-velocity(More)
All near-equilibrium systems under linear regime evolve to stationary states in which there is constant entropy production rate. In an open chemical system that exchanges matter and energy with the exterior, we can identify both the energy and entropy flows associated with the exchange of matter and energy. This can be achieved by applying statistical(More)
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