Wynne Weston-Davies

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Influenza virus A (IAV) causes annual epidemics and intermittent pandemics that affect millions of people worldwide. Potent inflammatory responses are commonly associated with severe cases of IAV infection. The complement system, an important mechanism of innate and humoral immune responses to infections, is activated during primary IAV infection and(More)
Because histamine receptor type I blockade attenuates allergic asthma, we asked whether complete neutralization of histamine by an arthropod-derived, high affinity histamine-binding protein (EV131) would prevent allergic asthma. Intranasal administration of EV131 given before Ag challenge in immunized mice prevented airway hyperreactivity by 70%, and(More)
Histamine is an important mediator of allergic responses. Arthropods express several biologically active proteins in their saliva, which may allow a prolonged blood meal on the host. Proteins identified and expressed include histamine, serotonin, tryptase, and complement binding proteins. We review here data that scavenging of endogenous histamine by the(More)
Histamine is an important mediator of early and late inflammatory responses. Here we asked whether scavenging of endogenous histamine by the arthropod-derived histamine binding protein EV131 diminishes acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) induced by inhaled endotoxin. We demonstrate that EV131 (360 microg given intranasally) reduced endotoxin-induced(More)
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