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BACKGROUND Cataplexy is observed in a subset of patients with narcolepsy and affects approximately 1 in 2,000 persons. Cataplexy is most often triggered by strong emotions such as laughter, which can result in transient, yet debilitating, muscle atonia. The objective of this study was to examine the neural systems underlying humor processing in individuals(More)
There is a need for greater information about the pharmacologic management of sleep disorders in children. Pharmacologic guidelines must be developed specifically for sleep disorders in children. Ideally, these guidelines should be approved by the Food and Drug Administration for a specific sleep disorder or for the pediatric age range. This approval(More)
It has been 30 years since Cottle suggested that "sleeping patterns are in great measure dependent on good nasal function" [1]. During this time, we have identified the OSAHS and related forms of sleep-disordered breathing such as UARS, and better appreciate the clinical sequelae of recurrent arousals and sleep fragmentation. Yet the exact role that(More)
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