Wynklett Parsons

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To determine whether exogenous glutamine affects whole body glutamine metabolism, preliminary experiments were performed to verify that L-[1-13C]-, L-[U-14C]-, and L-[3,4-3H]glutamine given simultaneously by vein provided similar estimates of glutamine appearance rates [Ra; 355 +/- 24, 373 +/- 19, and 393 +/- 24 (SE) mumol.kg-1.h-1, respectively, P = NS] in(More)
The aldonitrile pentaacetate and other derivatives lack ions in the electron ionization (EI) spectra possessing an intact hexose structure and thus must be analyzed by chemical ionization GC/MS in order to study multiple isotopomers. We report methods for quantitation of hexose di-O-isopropylidene acetate (IPAc) or pentafluorobenzoyl (PFBz) esters. These(More)
To determine whether infusion of 13C-labeled bicarbonate can be used to measure rates of CO2 production (VCO2), seven healthy adults received 6-h primed continuous intravenous infusions of NaH13CO3 and L-[1-14C]leucine in the post-absorptive state while VCO2 was measured by indirect calorimetry. Indirect calorimetry and the use of specific activity and rate(More)
Isotope dilution methods utilizing quantification of stable enrichment by mass spectrometry has been used recently to determine cortisol production rates in humans. Studies of steroid production and utilization rates require frequent blood sampling, and while stable isotopes are safe for pediatric and perinatal use, the required blood volumes may be(More)