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This study evaluated the effects of locus of control, occupational stress, and psychological symptom distress on reported job satisfaction in a sample of 34 practicing nurses. As predicted, greater work-related stress and higher psychological symptom distress were significantly negatively correlated with job satisfaction. External locus of control was also(More)
1. Introduction The sound /l/ is generally characterised in the literature as a coronal lateral approximant. This standard description holds that the sounds involves contact between the tip of the tongue and the alveolar ridge, but instead of the air being blocked at the sides of the tongue, it is also allowed to pass down the sides. In many (but not all)(More)
Research on developmental psychopathology has highlighted the role of parental behavior in subsequent development of pathology in children and adolescents. Although parental psychological control has been an area of interest to researchers, the connection between psychological control and anxiety has not been well established. We administered measures of(More)
Responds to the comments by A. M. Pomerantz (see record 2013-31242-013) on the current authors' original article, "The competent community: Toward a vital reformulation of professional ethics" (see record 2012-04007-001). Here, the current authors address Pomerantz's two main questions regarding the size of and admission to competent communities in(More)
The authors contribute to the validating literature for binge eating disorder (BED) by examining perceptions of parents and satisfaction with life among obese women with and without BED. Participants were female patients, recruited through a private medical clinic, who were assigned to groups on the basis of body mass index (BMI) and scores on the(More)
Please cite this paper as: Johnson W, Moore SE. Adolescent pregnancy, nutrition, and health outcomes in low-and middle-income countries: what we know and what we don't know. Adolescence [defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the time period between the ages of 10 and 19 years] is a critical period in human physical and psy-chosocial development(More)
Effective clinical supervision naturally incorporates many elements of mentoring. In this article, we us the Mentoring Relationship Continuum (MRC) model to frame a discussion of transformational supervision. We define transformational supervision as a rich developmental relationship characterized by increasing relational reciprocity, a greater range of(More)
Current ethical guidelines require psychologists to self-assess competence and take steps to limit or discontinue clinical work when they can no longer render competent care. Yet even in the best of circumstances, human beings--psychologists included--are not very good at evaluating their own performance. Moreover, when psychologists are deployed to combat(More)
Psychologists are ethically obligated to ensure their own competence. When problems of professional competence occur, psychologists must take appropriate steps to regain competence while protecting those they serve. Yet conceptualizations of the competence obligation are thoroughly intertwined with Western ideals of individualism and a model of the person(More)
Polish and English are two languages within the Indoeuropean family. The former belonging to the West Slavic subgroup and the latter to the West Germanic one. Although the two are related, there is a vast number of phonological differences between them. They include, among many others, very easily tangible contrasts in vowel length (Polish does not(More)