Wyke Stommel

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We conducted a conversation analysis of 21 threads initiated by newcomers of an online support group (OSG) on eating disorders, to examine the discursive process of entering such a group. The analysis revealed three important issues. First, many newcomers articulate that the step to join the group is extremely difficult. Second, a presentation of the self(More)
We present a conversation analysis of openings sequences of online text-based chat counseling. Particular about this chat counseling is that the clients made available their help question through pre-screening. The data consisted of 40 chat sessions with pre-screening and 34 sessions without pre-screening from the Dutch alcohol and drugs chat service. In(More)
In this article, we present an analysis of closings in two counseling media: online, text-based exchanges (usually referred to as “chat” sessions) and telephone calls. Previous research has found that the participant who initiated a conversation preferably also initiates its termination with a possible preclosing. Advice acknowledgments, lying in the(More)
This article examines recipient design in online counselling. Recipient design has been found to be an important aspect of professional-client interaction (Heritage 2002; Wilkinson 2011). It essentially means that professionals devise their talk for the specific client, which is crucial for building the counselling relationship. This article focuses on the(More)
In this article, we analyze how clients in online counseling by email do complaining. Complaining is a "face-threatening act" and can jeopardize the relationship between interlocutors. In online health interventions, we see high dropout rates. We suggest that because the interaction between client and counselor is at the basis of counseling, it is important(More)
The empirical focus of my PhD-research project is the Hungrig-Online-forum, the largest German forum on eating disorders, where exchange and support in defeating the disorder can be seen as participants’ common goal. Apart from weight concern and motivated eating restraint, a lack of self worthiness is frequently described as an important symptom of eating(More)
In this article, we examine problem presentations in e-mail and chat counseling. Previous studies of online counseling have found that the medium (e.g., chat, email) impacts the unfolding interaction. However, the implications for counseling are unclear. We focus on problem presentations and use conversation analysis to compare 15 chat and 22 e-mail(More)
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