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In conventional photostimulable storage phosphors, the optical information written by x-ray or ultraviolet irradiation is usually read out as a visible photostimulated luminescence (PSL) signal under the stimulation of a low-energy light with appropriate wavelength. Unlike the transient PSL, here we report a new optical read-out form, photostimulated(More)
Near infrared (NIR; 660-1300 nm) long-persistent phosphorescence from Cr(3+) ions with persistence time of more than 1 hour was realized in La(3)Ga(5)GeO(14):Cr(3+) phosphor (with or without co-dopants such as Li(+), Zn(2+), Ca(2+), Mg(2+) and Dy(3+)). The NIR phosphorescence can be effectively achieved under UV illumination (~240-360 nm) but is barely(More)
In the past decades, fault diagnosis and prognosis (FDP) approaches were developed in the Riemann sampling (RS) framework, in which samples are taken and algorithms are executed in periodic time intervals. With the increase of system complexity, a bottleneck of real-time implementation of RS-based FDP is limited calculation resources, especially for(More)
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