Wuyun Shang

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We propose a strategy for active control of second harmonic generation (SHG) in a plasmonic Fano structure by electrically doping its underlying monolayer graphene. A detailed theoretical model for the proposed scheme is developed and numerical simulations are carried out to demonstrate the operation. Specifically, we show that a merely 30 meV change in(More)
We present a kind of harmonic mode locking of bound-state solitons in a fiber laser based on molybdenum disulfide (MoS(2)) saturable absorber (SA). The mode locker is fabricated by depositing MoS(2) nanosheets on a D-shaped fiber (DF). In the fiber laser, two solitons form the bound-state pulses with a temporal separation of 3.4 ps, and the bound-state(More)
We report on the existence of optical Bloch oscillations (OBOs) and Zener tunneling (ZT) of Airy beams in ionic-type photonic lattices with a refractive index ramp. Different from their counterparts in uniform lattices, Airy beams undergoing OBOs show an alternatively switched concave and convex trajectory as well as a periodical revival of input beam(More)
Being an enabling technology for applications such as ultrasensitive biosensing and surface enhanced spectroscopy, enormous research interests have been focused on further boosting the local field enhancement at Fano resonance. Here, we demonstrate a plasmonic Fano resonance resulting from the interference between a narrow magnetic dipole mode and a broad(More)
We propose and demonstrate an approach for tailoring the Raman response of an individual single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) by employing the optical vortex as the excitation. Specifically, we observe the blueshifts of radial breathing mode and G mode when the topological charge of the vortex beam is increased from 0 to 5. Further theoretical analysis(More)
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