Wuyong Qian

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Frequency stabilization of a THz quantum cascade laser (QCL) to the harmonic of a microwave source has been accomplished using a Schottky diode waveguide mixer designed for harmonic mixing. The 2.32 THz, 1.0 milliwatt CW QCL is coupled into the signal port of the mixer and a 110 GHz signal, derived from a harmonic of a microwave synthesizer, is coupled into(More)
Although medical waste usually accounts for a small fraction of urban municipal waste, its proper disposal has been a challenging issue as it often contains infectious, radioactive, or hazardous waste. This article proposes a two-level hierarchical multicriteria decision model to address medical waste disposal method selection (MWDMS), where disposal(More)
The monsoon is a global climate phenomenon. This paper addresses the seasonal reversal of atmospheric circulation and the transition of dry/wet spells in the monsoon regions worldwide. The NCEP/NCAR 850 hPa wind reanalysis data for 1950±1999 and the upper-tropospheric water vapour (UTWV) band brightness temperature (BT) data observed by NOAA polar orbiting(More)
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