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The aim of this work is to introduce the new property which is so called " common limit in the range " for four self-mappings and give some examples of mappings which satisfy this property. Moreover, we establish some new existence of a common fixed point theorem for generalized contractive mappings in fuzzy metric spaces by using new property and give some(More)
In this paper, we prove a common fixed point theorem for a pair of weakly compatible mappings in fuzzy metric space using the joint common limit in the range property of mappings called (JCLR) property. An example is also furnished which demonstrates the validity of main result. We also extend our main result to two finite families of self mappings. Our(More)
Recently, Gordji et al.] prove the coupled coincidence point theorems for nonlinear contraction mappings satisfying commutative condition in intuitionistic fuzzy normed spaces. The aim of this article is to extend and improve some coupled coincidence point theorems of Gordji et al. Also, we give an example of a nonlinear contraction mapping which is not(More)
In this paper, we show the existence of a coupled fixed point theorem of nonlinear contraction mappings in complete metric spaces without the mixed monotone property and give some examples of a nonlinear contraction mapping, which is not applied to the existence of coupled fixed point by using the mixed monotone property. We also study the necessary(More)
Recently, Azam et al. introduced new spaces called the complex valued metric spaces and established the existence of fixed point theorems under the contraction condition. In this article, we extend and improve the condition of contraction of the results of Azam et al. and also apply the main result to the unique common solution of system of Urysohn integral(More)