Wuping Zheng

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The rapid growth in the use of wireless communication and portable devices has created a potential for a variety of mobile work support. However, few studies have explored the nature of mobile work, examined the needs for its support, and identified the appropriate support for various kinds of work in mobile contexts. In our study, amobile taskmodelwas(More)
The rapid development of mobile technologies provides great potential to support mobile work that was not supported by traditional stationary information systems. To realise this great potential, it is important for us to fully understand the nature of mobile work in order to develop efficient and effective support for mobile workers. In this paper, we(More)
Xiaolingtong (XLT), a new type of mobile phone system based on PHS technology for wireless access of fixed-line telephone networks, has grown very rapidly in China. However, there are many doubts about the future of XLT once 3G (the third generation of mobile communication) is finally employed. This paper proposes a theoretical framework to assess and(More)
Many researchers have studied the adoption of business-to-business Electronic Marketplaces (EMs), but agreement on which factors are more important driving forces of EM adoption has not been achieved. This may be because researchers have not adopted multiple perspectives, since the importance of EM driving factors may vary when analytical perspectives(More)
Most existing information systems are developed to support stationary office workers. Rapid development in mobile communication provides a great potential for us to move from traditional office support to mobile work support. Despite this great potential, we still lack the theory to fully understand the nature of mobile work. Without this understanding, it(More)
The rapid growth of wireless communication and portable devices in recent years has created a great potential of providing mobile work support for mobile workers. However not all mobile tasks require or can benefit from the use of mobile work support. In order to identify appropriate mobile technologies for various kinds of mobile work supports, we need to(More)
Library portals are important vehicles by which to support the information needs and uses of library patrons. These systems provide users with convenient, personalized Web-based access to a comprehensive collection of information resources of relevance and authority. Moreover, library portals support a broad range of information seeking activity from(More)
In this paper we propose a theoretical model to assess the effectiveness of mobile work support by investigating the fit between mobile task and mobile work support. The mobile task has been investigated along five dimensions: task difficulty, task inter dependency, time-criticality, mobility, and location dependency. The functionality of mobile support(More)
While larger and larger pools of stock market data are available for investors, it is crucial for them to achieve the knowledge hidden behind and make the correct selections. The huge data amount, the variable data characteristic, and the noisy environment make this goal a great challenge. Using the model of fuzzy decision tree based rules extraction, a new(More)
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