Wunian Yang

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Understanding timely of the changes in land resources, rapid and accurately access to land information has become one of the important foundations that solved the conflict between man and land. This paper selects a region study in the west of Chengdu, application of "QuickBird" data, measurement and statistics and other auxiliary data, combined with Erdas(More)
Based on the "quasi tri-prism" model and the improved borehole data recording approach, this paper presents a method of "dummy borehole chain" to control the complicated geo-body modeling. An algorithm was designed to identify the fold, the lens body, the pinch and the fault automatically. The proposed "window densification" in this paper was used to handle(More)
This paper presents an inversion model for vegetation moisture content based on remotely sensed data. Vegetation moisture content is an important index characterizing eco-water,which refers to the water closely related to vegetation and which plays an important role in adjusting and supplying surface water and ground water during the hydrological cycle. It(More)
Through investigating different types of Mining, guiding by principles of science, integrity, practicality, lead and level, this study established a scientific and practical evaluation system of the mine environment quality which can provide a theoretical basis for evaluating the quality of mine environment objectively. Using expert experience evaluation(More)
The state of the urban carbon cycle is an important indicator for managing fossil energy consumption and land resources and it is also a basis for the planning of urban eco-services and urban sustainable development. This paper aims to analyze the spatial distribution of the carbon cycle of the mono-centric cities, based on the von Thünen concentric ring(More)
Eco-water is defined as a transformation of precipitation, which is deposited by vegetation layer, humiliated vegetation layer and soil layer. It plays an important role in the water-cycle system. As potential factors on Eco-water and Eco-water layer are different from one season to another, multi-temporal and multi-type remote sensing data, measured(More)
The paper studied the model relation of soil moisture and spectral index by using the data field measured spectral reflectance and soil moisture, and analyzed the correlation between the soil moisture and spectral index. Furthermore, based on analyzing the data measured, the research selected the sensitive band and built the optimal inversion model. The(More)
Land use of Chengdu city has changed a lot in the rapid process of urbanization since the year 2000. In order to find characteristics of the changes, land use/cover information is extracted by processing and interpretations of Landsat images, applying the remote sensing and GIS technology. Through comparative analysis, the characteristics of land use change(More)