Wun-Yuan Huang

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In part because of the limitations of the TCP/IPprotocols used by the current Internet, the Future Internet has become an attractive network research topic. Recently, several projects focused on the Future Internet have been launched around the globe based on the Open Flow platform, such as those that are part of the GENI project in the U.S., the OFELIA(More)
Recently, the Future Internet technology becomes a popular research topic. To solve the problems caused in traditional network, most researchers propose various new network architectures. One of the famous architectures is Software-defined network (SDN), which can help users develop their own strategies freely without the limited functions on physical(More)
Due to rapid development of Internet, the amount of users around the globe is fast-growing in the past 30 years. It leads to the appearance of many problems, such as lack of IPaddresses, worse quality of service, and so on. In order to resolve these problems, many researchers start to design and implement innovative network architectures, which we call(More)
Recently, Software Defined Network (SDN) technology has become widely used to take advantage of its features, including capabilities for optimization, flexibility, and customization. Many companies and organizations are applying this technology to build SDN networks for testbeds or production networks to address their requirements for optimization and(More)
Internet has played an important part in the success of information technologies. With growing and changing demands, there are many limitations faced by current Internet. A number of network test beds are created for solving a set of specific problems in Internet. Traditionally, these test beds are lacking of large scale network and flexibility. Therefore,(More)
Due to the rapid development of Internet, there are extensive amount of applications that require fast and stable network communication. However, the infrastructure of Internet is limited by TCP/IP protocol. The Future Internet has become a hot network research topic, such as GENI project in U.S. and FIRST project in Korea. Most of these projects adopt(More)
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