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In recent years, the number of sophisticated cyber attacks has increased rapidly. At the same time, people tend to utilize unknown, in terms of trustworthiness, wireless networks in their daily life. They connect to these networks, e.g., airports, without knowledge of whether they are safe or infected with actively propagating malware. In traditional(More)
The paper deals with microplastic deformation and macroscopic residual stresses in silicon nitride ceramics due to contact loading and their effect on the near-surface strength. Depth-resolving X-ray residual stress measurements on shot peened samples detect high microplastic deformation and macroscopic compressive residual stresses up to 1.3 GPa at the(More)
In Germany, many highly specialized facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases exist. However it is quite difficult for patients to find the required specialists because of the fact that information on the internet is scattered and of variable quality. The German Federal Ministry of Health initiated several activities to address this issue.(More)
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