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Online and offline monitoring of composite bolted joints under tensile load were investigated using piezoelectric transducers. The relationships between Lamb wave signals, pre-tightening force, the applied tensile load, as well as the failure modes were investigated. Results indicated that S0/A0 wave amplitudes decrease with the increasing of load.(More)
A nonlinear constitutive relationship was established to investigate nonlinear behaviors of ultrasonic wave propagation in plastically damaged media based on analyses of mixed dislocation evolution. Finite element simulations of longitudinal wave propagation in plastically deformed martensite stainless steel were performed based on the proposed nonlinear(More)
Nonlinear Lamb wave has been widely acknowledged as an efficient Nondestructive Testing (NDT) for detection early stage of fatigue damage. The previous studies focused on the evaluation of fatigue damage using the particular mode pairs, such as S1-S2 mode pair. Recently, Nonlinear S0 Lamb mode with low-frequency was considered for its unique features of(More)
Nonlinear ultrasonic measurements has been proposed to characterize the creep damage evolution of P92 martensitic ferritic steels at a temperature of 650 °C and stresses of 100 MPa and 115 MPa, respectively. The correlation of increase-decrease-increase between the ultrasonic nonlinearity and the creep strain was achieved for both sets of specimens.(More)
To study the pathological and histochemical characteristics of lesions in piglet livers infected with Taenia saginata asiatica (T. saginata asiatica) throughout the different stages, piglets were fed with eggs of T. saginata asiatica and raised in isolation in an animal center to establish the T. saginata asiatica infection model with normal piglets as(More)
P92 martensitic ferritic steels are an attractive material for critical components in power industries due to the excellent creep property. However, these steels are usually susceptible to creep strength degradation during a long service period under the elevated temperature and pressure. Creep damage evaluation is of concern to quantitatively assess the(More)
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