Wujun Zhang

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Machine Type Communication (MTC) and its related services have become the new business growth-point of mobile communication. However, application market with the size of about a hundred of million makes end-to-end security facing grand challenges, especially the repeated construction of authentication facilities for different applications. According to(More)
In cellular networks, Machine-Type Communication (MTC) has shown the advantages, including better coverage and lower network deployment cost, which makes it become the hotspot in industry area. However, the current cellular network is designed for human-to-human communication (H2H), and less optimal for machine-to-machine, machine-to-human or(More)
Lodging in rice production often limits grain yield and quality by breaking or bending stems. Excessive nitrogen (N) fertilizer rates are the cause of poor lodging resistance in rice, but little is known about the effect of top-dressing N application rates on the mechanical strength of japonica rice plants, especially how the anatomical structure in culms(More)
Value-added services have been promising applications in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) in recent years. In VANETs, Road Side Units (RSUs) cannot cover all areas, causing intermittent connectivity. As a result, how to snsure security and privacy for downloading data continuously in such a highly dynamic environment is still a problem. In this paper, we(More)