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Topography and biocompatibility of patterned hydrophobic/hydrophilic zein layers.
The topography and biocompatibility of zein layers adsorbed on patterned templates containing hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions were investigated. Nanopatterned templates consisting of hydrophilicExpand
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Functional Specialization in Vibrio cholerae Diguanylate Cyclases: Distinct Modes of Motility Suppression and c-di-GMP Production
Cyclic diguanylate monophosphate (c-di-GMP) is a broadly conserved bacterial signaling molecule that affects motility, biofilm formation, and virulence. Although it has been known that highExpand
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Molecular Motor Dnm1 Synergistically Induces Membrane Curvature To Facilitate Mitochondrial Fission
Dnm1 and Fis1 are prototypical proteins that regulate yeast mitochondrial morphology by controlling fission, the dysregulation of which can result in developmental disorders and neurodegenerativeExpand
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Pentobra: A potent antibiotic with multiple layers of selective antimicrobial mechanisms against Propionibacterium acnes
Although antibiotics are a common treatment for acne, the difficulties inherent to effective antimicrobial penetration in sebum and selective antimicrobial action in skin are compounded by increasingExpand
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Designing Hybrid Antibiotic Peptide Conjugates To Cross Bacterial Membranes.
We design hybrid antibiotic peptide conjugates that can permeate membranes. Integration of multiple components with different functions into a single molecule is often problematic, due to competingExpand
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