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Speleothem laminae have been postulated to form annually, and this lamina-chronology is widely applied to high-resolution modern and past climate reconstructions. However, this argument has not been directly supported by high resolution dating methods. Here we present contemporary single-lamina (230)Th dating techniques with 2σ precision as good as ±0.5 yr(More)
The onset and duration of abrupt transitions into Dansgaard-Oeschger (DO) events can be studied in detail in Greenland ice cores given the excellent relative uncertainty of its lamina-counting chronology. For other geological archives, however, the shorter intervals are not determined accurately due to lack of clear annual lamina. Here, we present an oxygen(More)
The precipitation variability associated with the East Asian summer monsoon (EASM) has profound societal implications. Here, we use precisely dated and seasonally-resolved stalagmite oxygen isotope (δ18O) records from Shihua Cave, North China to reconstruct the EASM variability over the last 145 years. Our record shows a remarkable weakening of the EASM(More)
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