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The adsorption capacities of vesuvianite and lanthanum doped vesuvianite were studied. The effects of different mass ratios of La/vesuvianite at different contact times, pHs, and temperatures on adsorption capacity were also studied. It was found that lanthanum doped vesuvianite exhibited higher adsorption capacity than undoped one due to the reaction of(More)
Understanding of the microbial community structures of the biogas digesters in different climatic regions can help improve the methane production in the fermentation process. The methanogenic archaeal diversity in four rural biogas digesters (BNA, JSA, LJA, and XGA) was investigated by a culture-independent rRNA approach in different climatic regions in(More)
Fermentative hydrogen production can be improved by electrolysis and electrochemically active microorganisms which are capable of using an electrode as an electron acceptor for the oxidation of organic matter, in particular, volatile acids produced after fermentation. Firstly volatile acids can be completely converted into CO2, electrons and protons on the(More)
A combination of 16S rRNA gene PCR-based techniques and the determination of abiotic factors were used to study community composition, richness, and evenness and the correlation between biotic and abiotic factors in 19 household biogas digesters in tropical and subtropical regions of Yunnan Province, China. The results revealed that both bacterial and(More)
This experiment suggests that biogas-fermentation by pretreated Eupatorium adenophorum Spreng is a preferable approach compared with methane production followed by hydrogen production, only methane production, or only hydrogen production, due to its decreasing overall fermentation time, and increasing material utilization efficiency and energy conversion(More)
Used Tween-80 as emulsifier, industrial lipase as catalyst to hydrolyze rapeseed oil and make mixed fatty acid. We discussed the enzyme concentration, substrate concentration, temperature and time on hydrolysis. Through the experiment, we found that when we used emulsifier which contains 2% oil in the system, we could get the optimal parameter for(More)
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