Wubbo Johannes Ockels

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The three Spacelab D-1 Scientist Astronauts were exposed to a 1 1/2 h 3 g centrifuge run in the supine position, resulting in a linear 3 g acceleration in the x-direction. They used their space experience to evaluate their readapting to normal gravity and compared their observations with 'Space Adaptation Syndrome'. After the centrifuge runs, the vestibular(More)
The scope of this paper is to illustrate a new concept of a multi-sensor system for obstacle detection, and collision avoidance by controlling the motion of the vehicle traveling at very high speed regimes, of the order of 250 km/h. The paper illustrates the primary requirement of safety for the vehicle and the passengers and presents the effects of(More)
This paper deals with assessing stability of optimal solutions. Two ways are considered: introducing stochastic stability based on Lyapunov's stability as constraints in a single-objective optimization problem and using it as a second objective. The problem from the field of wind energy is taken $optimization of electricity production with a novel wind(More)
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