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In this article a novel algorithm is presented for 2D shape interpolation using the intrinsic shape parameters of a piecewise linear curve. The skeletons of two given shapes are computed and the smooth transformation of distance fields is driven by metamorphosis from the skeleton of the source object to that of the target one. We introduce feature graphs,(More)
This paper develops a method to analyze and compute the lines of curvature and their differential geometry defined on implicit surfaces. With our technique, we can explicitly obtain the analytic formulae of the associated geometric attributes of an implicit surface, e.g. torsion of a line of curvature and Gaussian curvature. Additionally, it can be used to(More)
Modeling and rendering of large forest scenes are a challenging task, whose geometric complexity surpasses even the capabilities of current graphics hardware. A tree model simplification tool is developed in this paper to automatically generate both hybrid polygon/image-based tree models for close distance viewing and cross billboards for far distance(More)
Point cloud is a basic description of discrete shape information. Parameterization of unorganized points is important for shape analysis and shape reconstruction of natural objects. In this paper we present a new algorithm for global parameterization of an unorganized point cloud and its application to the meshing of the cloud. Our method is guided by(More)
Point data are basic media for shape information acquisition and representation. A new approach is presented for global parameterization of unorganized point data and application to the meshing of point models with noises. While most of recent researches focus on quadrangulation of mesh models, it is extended to point models in this work, so as to loosely(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Lines of curvature are important intrinsic characteristics of a curved surface used in a wide variety of geometric analysis and processing. Although their differential attributes have been examined in detail, their global geometric distribution and topological pattern are very difficult to compute over the whole surface(More)
Stylized silhouette is a powerful tool for non-photorealistic rendering. It can be used to simulate different materials and drawing techniques. In this paper, we present a simple technique to improve the existing stylized silhouette algorithms in two aspects. First, a new shading algorithm is developed to render the surface of a model. It improves the(More)
Foliage modeling and rendering is an important topic in virtual environment. Texture mapping and foliage simplification are usual solutions to forest navigation keeping leaf realism and with a fast speed. These two techniques are still used separately, so that their common advantages are not unified. A new technique is presented in this paper on a smooth(More)