Wu Zhong

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In order to solve the problem of the differentiation of sports products, it is mainly focus on the aspect of sports products after-sale service, designs O2O customers domain ontology model, O2O service domain ontology model and sports products domain ontology model based on the actual requirements of ontology and combination of O2O services domain(More)
  • Wu Zhong
  • 2015
The concept of O2O caught great interests from operators and researchers. Although O2O brings great opportunity to the market, the chaos and lack of credit make big problems to the thrive of O2O. The context and preference clustering model is proposed in this paper to study the affection of both customer context and service preference. The proposed model(More)
  • Wu Zhong
  • 2015
O2O is becoming popular in recent years. O2O encourages online selling and offline serving. A customer values a product or service by his/her habit or prefer. This action is affected by different factors. Customers take care for these factors differcently, but the core is to hope a better over all servicing experiences. This paper proposed a dynamic O2O(More)
In the last few years, O2O (Online To Offline) mode become more and more popular, which brings offline service and online web service together, it is important to consider the quality attributes of offline service when recommending service for users online. But in the field of service discovery system, most of the studies focused on function and quality(More)
With the vigorous development of economics, urban transportation construction is continuing to expand and the need for traffic travel is increasing. The key solutions to relieve the over-crowdedness of urban traffic reside in the following aspects: to give priority to the development of public transport, to scientifically organize the public transportation(More)
The quick development of information industry including computers, communications and Internet provides enterprises with electronic commerce. Electronic Commerce does not only change enterprises' management methods, but also change their operation means. The impact of electronic commerce on managing enterprise is studied from the enterprise operation(More)
The wisdom city construction meets the needs of the age of information technology in scientific development process of Chinese cities, with the significance of the economic, social, service value. This paper focuses on a comparative study of the overall development status of the Yangtze River Delta region, and makes some meaningful exploration on formation(More)
With the increasing growth of aging population and the gradual changes in disease spectrum, health care costs rise every year. Based on the theoretical basis, this paper uses multiple regressions to analyze the main factors that affect medical expenses in Shanghai, including the aging population proportion, the economic growth, and trys to propose an(More)