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In order to build an open, large-scale and interoperable distributed intelligent medical diagnosis and therapy system in the context of a wide-area network such as the Internet, this paper studies integrating mobile agent and ontology with Web Services. A model (called DMDTMAO: distributed medical diagnosis and therapy based on mobile agent and ontology)(More)
Recently, anisotropic 2D materials, such as black phosphorus and rhenium disulfides (ReS2 ), have attracted a lot attention because of their unique applications on electronics and optoelectronics. In this work, the direct growth of high-quality ReS2 atomic layers and nanoribbons has been demonstrated by using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. A(More)
Several methods of LabVIEW accessing database and their advantages and disadvantages are analyzed in this paper. The method based on hybrid LabVIEW and C# programming to access SQL server is mainly discussed. Examples prove that this method organically integrates virtual instrument technology, object-oriented programming and database technology. It not only(More)
To improve customer satisfaction in innovative product design, a topology structure of customer requirements is established and an innovative product approach is proposed. The topology structure provides designers with reasonable guidance to capture the customer requirements comprehensively. With the aid of analytic hierarchy process (AHP), the importance(More)
Water resources system is a multi-feedback and multi-interface nonlinear complicated system, in this paper system dynamics (SD) model is established using Vensim-Ple of SD software, in which water resources system couples with society economy and eco-environment system. Fuzzy inference system (FIS) is embedded in SD model to analyze key model parameters(More)
Vortex and unstability of bending boring bar caused by cutting fluid force are researched, with Timoshenko beam model and mated vibration model, based on which machining quality of BTA deep hole drilling and tools life can be promoted in practice. Linear equations of fluid force on boring bar is established first, stiffness coefficient and damping(More)
The manufacturing industries dealing with machining and tools' manufacturing generate a large amount of data concerning the machining process. However, in most cases, this information is not used in an advantageous strategy as there is no system dedicated for storing and manipulating such data. In order to Use these data to improve efficiency and increase(More)