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In order to build an open, large-scale and interoperable distributed intelligent medical diagnosis and therapy system in the context of a wide-area network such as the Internet, this paper studies integrating mobile agent and ontology with Web Services. A model (called DMDTMAO: distributed medical diagnosis and therapy based on mobile agent and ontology)(More)
Recently the radar-based communication has aroused a great interest in the military and academia due to its great potential in increasing performance and reducing costs. However, the application of high-speed data transmission over radar antennas requires a burst waveform robust to nonlinear power amplifiers and multipath propagation effects. Our solution(More)
Recently, anisotropic 2D materials, such as black phosphorus and rhenium disulfides (ReS2 ), have attracted a lot attention because of their unique applications on electronics and optoelectronics. In this work, the direct growth of high-quality ReS2 atomic layers and nanoribbons has been demonstrated by using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. A(More)
To improve customer satisfaction in innovative product design, a topology structure of customer requirements is established and an innovative product approach is proposed. The topology structure provides designers with reasonable guidance to capture the customer requirements comprehensively. With the aid of analytic hierarchy process (AHP), the importance(More)
The physical model of single-ring feedback phase-shift controlling and the model of dual-ring feedback phase-shift controlling are proposed in this text according to the method of chaos feedback phase-shift for dual-ring erbium-doped fiber laser. On this basis, the output of system was simulated by computer. After synthetically analyzing the simulating(More)
To reduce cutting time and costs, an optimization model of cutting parameter is proposed. Constraints like lathe and cutting tool are fully considered. The objective function is aiming at the target of profit margins. Some empirical indexes are used in the constraints and the objective function since the special properties of cutting process. The Fuzzy(More)
Vortex and unstability of bending boring bar caused by cutting fluid force are researched, with Timoshenko beam model and mated vibration model, based on which machining quality of BTA deep hole drilling and tools life can be promoted in practice. Linear equations of fluid force on boring bar is established first, stiffness coefficient and damping(More)
We report here the complete genomic sequence of the porcine parvovirus (PPV) N strain, isolated in 1989 from the viscera of a stillborn fetus farrowed by a gilt in Guangxi, southern China. Phylogenetic analyses suggest that the PPV-N strain is closely related to attenuated PPV NADL-2 strains. The PPV-N strain has good immunogenicity, genetic stability, and(More)
A Constant-gm CMOS Operational amplifier with Rail-to-Rail input common-mode voltage range has been designed. The input stage is based on two pairs of single p-channel differential pairs and two identical n-channel source followers as DC level shifters, which realizes rail-to-rail input swing. To attain a constant-gm over the whole common-mode input range,(More)