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A reactive brain-computer interface using electroencephalography (EEG) relies on the classification of evoked ERP responses. As the trial-to-trial variation is evitable in EEG signals, it is a challenge to capture the consistent classification features distribution. Clustering EEG trials with similar features and utilizing a specific classifier adjusted to(More)
Economic globalization has intensified the transactions among companies' cross-regional affiliated parties. More and more enterprises manipulate profit to obtain the tax benefits through transfer pricing. At the same time. intangible assets are becoming the main driving factors for enterprises' value creation. It has become a trend that lots of companies(More)
In order to more precisely to acquire the mechanics parameter of surrounding rock for finite element modeling, on the basis of a tunnel of Longlin~Baise expressway in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the method of acquiring the mechanics parameter of surrounding rock based on displacement analysis was applied. According to the field measurement raw data,(More)
In order to study how to avoid or reduce the influence of individual subjectivity on the construction risk evaluation of tunnel, on the basis of a highway tunnel, the hierarchy of risk events was compared based on the GPR(Ground Penetrating Radar) geological predication and the traditional Expert Investigation Method that is mainly according to the(More)
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