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Along with the optical fiber communication technology is widely used in power system, optical cable fault which will lead to failure has become an important factor influencing power grid reliability, but the existing optical cable evaluation index is single, only statistical cable fault conditions operation index, can not fully reflect the actual(More)
Based on the dynamic evolution of game and the limited rationality, the question that why the policy for the game of central real estate and a real estate developers was no work was explored. Based on this discovery, it finds that the abolition of unreasonable fees and the introduction of a unified property tax cannot adjust to the price. The only key is to(More)
Government investment projects play a pivotal role in socialist economic construction, and government indicate clearly that implementation construction-agent system in government investment projects. The key of implementation construction-agent system is to select a professional construction-agency by open competition. We know that science selecting system(More)
Based on the agent-construction management model of government investment and its characteristics, this paper introduces the agent-construction management process of government investment and some possible supervision loopholes, and analyzes the problems in current agent-construction supervision model of government investment. Then the article suggests that(More)
EPC project management takes design, procurement and construction as a whole to organize implement. In recent years, it has a great promote and gains gratifying achievements. However, we have to recognize that there are still lots of shortcomings. This paper presents how to use the computer technology to realize informationization, standardization and(More)
The traditional net present value methods didn't do well in the evaluation of power construction projects, which are characterized by large scale of investment, long construction period, and many complex uncertainties, as it is difficult for those methods to calculate the relevant cash flow, internal rate of return and other key indicators. In this paper,(More)
The documents of construction project during the initial phase are the fundamental and important evidences for the project. As it is not easy to collect all documents orderly and systematically, it is necessary to establish an integrated management system with all documents collecting procedures covered to make a clear clue for document collection. This(More)
The relationship among the progress influencing factors is absolutely complicated, which decreases the feasibility of progress program. The paper introduces interpretative structure modeling (ISM) method with the purpose of understanding such relationship. By selecting influencing factors, setting reachability matrix, dividing interval and differentiating(More)
In this paper, three particularities that the maintenance staff often ignores in overhaul of the generator units are concluded. Based on the practices of 14 electric power plants in China, we get the fuzzy impact degrees accordingly, and then improve the traditional PERT using fuzzy stochastic theory in maintenance scheduling. The procedures using the(More)
The quality of Master of Engineering Management teaching has a significant impact on the training of Engineering Management Master. The existing evaluation methods had not considered the dynamic variability of teaching quality, so it could not express the teaching quality comprehensively, and it also could not propose effective measures in improving the(More)