Wu-Yuin Hwang

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Web-based learning has become an important way to enhance learning and teaching, oVering many learning opportunities. A limitation of current Web-based learning is the restricted ability of students to personalize and annotate the learning materials. Providing personalized tools and analyzing some types of learning behavior, such as students’ annotation,(More)
This research makes use of learning time intensity, burst evaluating equations, and state denotation approaches to evaluate the learning time characteristics of students. Through comparing learning time intensity, six burst styles and three diligence styles are categorized. From the statistical results and interaction content analysis, some pedagogical(More)
We propose an efficient multicast cell-scheduling algorithm, called multiple-slot cell-scheduling algorithm, for multicast ATM switching systems with input queues. Cells in an inputqueueing system are usually served based on the first-in-first-out (FIFO) discipline, which may have a serious head-of-line (HOL) blocking problem. Our algorithm differs from(More)
Web-based programming has become a popular and vital issue in recent years. The rapid growth of various applications not only demonstrates the importance of web-based programming, but also reveals the difficulty of training relevant skills. The difficulty is owing to the lack of facilities such as online coding, debugging and peer help to assist the(More)
In this study, a mobile device and online system, StudentPartner, is proposed to help students learn English on campus using multimedia and GPS support. Two activities, exploring the campus in English and English presentation, were designed to stimulate students’ deep engagement and interaction with the system. Since students are very familiar with the(More)
The aim of this study is to explore student multiple representation skills and creativity in solving mathematical problems when supported by a multimedia whiteboard system. The subjects were 6 grade primary school students that were tested and selected as excellent students in mathematics. Twenty-one numerical and geometry problems were given to the(More)
Every perioperative department could benefit from having an information system that facilitates managerial function and improves efficiency in the OR. The Patient Advancement Monitoring System-Surgical implemented in a hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, is one such a system that uses radio-frequency identification technology for tracking perioperative care of(More)
The study of surface computer supported cooperative work and its design, efficiency, and challenges Wu-Yuin Hwang a & Jia-Han Su b a Graduate School of Network Learning Technology , National Central University , Jungli City , Taoyuan , 320 , Taiwan b Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering , National Central University , Jungli City ,(More)
In this paper, the development of an innovative Virtual Manipulatives and Whiteboard (VMW) system is described. The VMW system allowed users to manipulate virtual objects in 3D space and find clues to solve geometry problems. To assist with multi-representation transformation, translucent multimedia whiteboards were used to provide a virtual 3D space in(More)
Computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) has captured many educators and researchers to contribute their efforts on this domain. This study proposed a two-dimension concept to explain learners’ collaboration behaviors in a CSCL laboratory setting. A two-dimension process, namely perceptual dimensions and supportive dimensions, is useful to explain(More)