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Highly Stable and Luminescent Oxygen Nanosensor Based on Ruthenium-Containing Metallopolymer for Real-Time Imaging of Intracellular Oxygenation.
A type of highly luminescent and stable oxygen nanosensors prepared from metallopolymer that exhibited strong luminescence at 608 nm that was free of aggregation-caused-quenching, the utmost oxygen sensitivity of free [Ru(bpy)3]2+ probe ( Q = 75%), and linear Stern-Volmer oxygen Luminescence quenching plots.
Ratiometric Luminescent Nanoprobes Based on Ruthenium and Terbium-Containing Metallopolymers for Intracellular Oxygen Sensing
The distribution of intracellular oxygen within three-dimensional multi-cellular tumor spheroids was successfully imaged and the ratiometric biocompatible nanoprobes were used, well fitted by a linear Stern–Volmer equation.
An Open-channel Microfluidic Membrane Device for In situ Hyperspectral mapping of enzymatic cellulose hydrolysis
A multi-phase capillary-driven membrane device is reported for label-free and real-time investigation of enzymatic deconstruction of algal cellulose purified from Cladophora aegagropila.