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We analyzed the effects of acute and chronic oral administration of monosodium l-glutamate (MSG) on serum iron (Fe) levels and total iron-binding capacity (TIBC) in piglets. In the first experiment, 12 piglets were randomly assigned to two groups: one fed a standard diet (SD) and the other fed an SD containing MSG (10 g/kg). On day 30, serum, liver, kidney,(More)
Resveratrol improves mitochondrial function, and recent evidences demonstrate that miRNAs play important roles in certain effects of resveratrol. In the current study, we found that a microRNA, miR-27b, was significantly induced in a dose-dependent way in skeletal muscle and C2C12 myoblast treated with resveratrol. Our results showed that overexpression of(More)
A new two-dimensional fast steering mirror (FSM) based on piezoelectric actuators is designed, which has high scanning angle and resonance frequency. The FSM is driven by three piezoelectric actuators. Each piezoelectric actuator and its displacement amplification mechanism compose of the Amplified Piezoelectric Actuator (APA). The three APAs have a(More)
  • Xu Han, Wu Xin
  • 2013
This paper compares some modern methods and measures the credit risk of listed companies of Zhejiang province on 2010 by a mixture of the models. And the paper adjusts the calculation of model's related parameters in the empirical process. In order to ensure the accuracy of empirical results, the thesis does some relevant inspection for the empirical(More)
In order to solve the problem of the test case design of the TT&C Software which requires high security, in the analysis of the four security analysis which is widely used, such as software failure mode and effect analysis, software fault tree analysis, software hidden loop analysis and software Petri net analysis, we proposed the usage of fault tree(More)
In order to improve the effectiveness, visibility and specification of the TT&C software testing, this paper made an in-depth study according to its characteristics. At first, this paper presented a quality assessment model with high reliability and real-time demands getting idea from analytic hierarchy process (AHP). Then, the paper brought forward a(More)
Uniform granularity design style is widely used in FPGA and structure ASIC designs, which have been dramatically developed in various electronic product fields due to their fast implementation and short time-to-market. Under very deep sub-micron technology nodes, placement becomes a key part of such design style especially in FPGA designs because it affects(More)
Based on the actual needs of project, this paper introduces a solution of cluster centers and attached matrix into application of Fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm in macro-economic forecast. We present the specific implementation of this algorithm, as well as the major steps of data mining. And in the end, an example is given to prove the(More)
The key to grey matrix game lies in the solution of grey linear program model. On this paper, we have proved the necessary and sufficient condition of the existence of grey basic feasible solution in grey linear program problem. We have also certified that grey basic feasible solution corresponds to grey apex of grey feasible field. Then, having proved that(More)
The current study explored the effect of transformational leadership of knowledge work team leaders on team members' individual performance, which included both in-role behavior and organizational citizenship behavior(OCB), and team performance. Survey data was collected from a sample of 54 knowledge work teams in high-tech organizations in four cities of(More)