Wu Xia

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A reactive brain-computer interface using electroencephalography (EEG) relies on the classification of evoked ERP responses. As the trial-to-trial variation is evitable in EEG signals, it is a challenge to capture the consistent classification features distribution. Clustering EEG trials with similar features and utilizing a specific classifier adjusted to(More)
A clear understanding of the interactions between classically activated macrophages (Mϕ1) and γδT cells may improve current therapeutic approaches, including that of immunotherapy for treating certain types of cancer. The present study aimed to expand the current knowledge by showing the effect of culture supernatants of Mϕ1 on the proliferation, cell(More)
—A intelligent monitor and control system on multi-factor of aquaculture environment based on wireless sensor networks is designed adopting BP neural networks. The system uses wireless sensor nodes to detect a variety of water quality parameters transmitted to the on-site monitoring host computer through sink node wirelessly. The control module consists of(More)
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