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Based on vector wavelet kernel function, a method for analog circuit diagnosis based on genetic algorithm (GA) and least squares wavelet support vector machine (LSWSVM) is proposed. Using wavelet package as a tool for extracting feature, the GA-LSWSVM is then applied to the filet circuit after training by GA; the simulation results have shown that the(More)
A digital decimation filter used in Δ-Σ - ADC is designed and introduced in this paper. The designed filter has a multi-stage structure which is comprised of a stage CIC filter, two stage half-band filters, and a stage compensation filter. The CSD coding, “Hognenauer cut-off theory”, frequency response masking approach and some(More)
A fault diagnosis method for analog IC diagnosis based on wavelet neural network ensemble (WNNE) and Adaboost algorithm, is proposed in this paper. This makes the way of the directory be of use in fault, and enhances the validity of the fault diagnosis. Using wavelet decomposition as a tool for extracting feature, Then, after training the WNNE by faulty(More)
As a important step in SoC design, good architecture design is the foundation to ensure the final structure to meet the design specifications. In paper, the minimal SoC system used for performance compare between basic architectures is defined, which is consisted of embedded processor, on chip bus, on chip memory and IP (GPIO). Then six SoC architecture(More)
Serial communication system has been widely used in data communications and control system because of less hardware resources, anti-jamming ability, and easy to implement features. A FPGA-based high performance Serial communication system interface module which includes full functions of UART16550 is designed and optimized based on the communication(More)
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