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College English Examination and the Construction of Bank of Test Questions
The paper begins with the discussion of the influence of linguistics, psychology and language teaching on language test. Expand
On the Vocational Education Measures and Efficiency of Republic of China after World War II(From 1946 to 1949)
After the victory of Anti-Japanese War,the government of Republic of China made a great change to its educational policies,and the vocational education at that time grew at full speed.With theExpand
Analysis on Factors Restricting the Development of Vocational Education in the Period of Republic of China
After the foundation of Republic of China in 1912,vocational education had achieved some development by the efforts of various fields.However,as a new education mode,the vocational education hadExpand
Recognition of labeling system for genetically modified foods
An investigation about consuming trend in Foshan City revealed that 16.5% of interviewees did not know GMF,33.6% of interviewees did not know that GMFs had been labeled in China,and another 42.2%Expand
Notice of RetractionEmpirical research on knowledge employees' organizational commitment and innovative behavior in high-tech enterprises
  • Wu Wen-hua
  • Psychology
  • International Conference on E-Business and E…
  • 6 May 2011
This paper is an empirical study in which we uses three-dimensional degree organizational commitment (OC) questionnaire developed by Meyer & Allen and abbreviated version of the innovative behavior (IB) questionnaire proposed by Kleysen. Expand
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Study and Exploring on Teaching Reformation on Course of Probability and Statistic
Based on the characteristics of Probability and Statistisc,this paper brings forward the global notion about the courses reformation by reformation of teaching methods,teaching models and practice teaching. Expand
A Scientific Analysis on the Connotation of "Harmony" in Ancient Chinese Culture
It is a common social ideal pursued by all the nations and peoples to build a harmonious, stable, and well-off society. The scientific analysis and appropriate application of the thought of "harmony"Expand
Research Status Quo of Hucho taimen and Sustainable Development Strategy
Hucho,as a famous fish has high economic value and important research value.The population of Hucho taimen decreased rapidly and became endangered species in the past few years.This paper summarizeExpand
Ruin Model for Multitype-insurance with Stochastic Premium
Classical risk model is fit for the case whose insurance premium in unit time is a constant,but not fit for that whose having a perturbed term and insurance premium is stochastic.So this is a defectExpand
The influences of entering WTO on the development and management of the human resources in the enterprises in China
The human resources in Chinese enterprises are faced not only with challenge but also with opportunity after China entering WTO Analyzing on it and putting forward corresponding countermeasures mayExpand