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Implementing CRM in SMEs : An Exploratory Study on the Viability of Using the ASP Model
  • M Sc Thesis In Accounting, Wu Tie
  • 2003
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has been increasingly recognized as a business strategy to effectively understand, manage and sustain customer relationship with advanced information andExpand
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Effects of serum of aged male rat treated with epimedium herb extract on proliferation and differentation of rat calvarium osteoblast in vitro
Objective\ To investigate the effects of serum of aged rat treated with extract of epimedium herb on proliferation and differentiation of rat calvarium osteoblast in vitro. Methods\ Twenty\|four SDExpand
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Amino acid composition and anti-anaemia action of hydrolyzed offal protein from Harengula Zunasi Bleeker
Abstract A hydrolyzed offal protein (HOP) from Harengula Zunasi offal was produced according to the poly-enzymatic method. Its amino acid composition and in vivo anti-anaemia action wereExpand
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Reduced-order rolling horizon optimization of traffic control based on ant algorithm
To deal with the optimizing difficulties of complex constraints and largescale solution space in the rolling horizon optimization problem of largescale regional coordinated traffic control, aExpand
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Combination of emodin with low dose estrogen showed synergetic effect on ovariectomy induced osteopeniain rats
?Objective To determine whether emodin in combination with low dose estrogen can completely prevent bone loss in ovariectomized rats.Methods Thirty-two Sprague-Dawley female rats at age of 3 monthsExpand
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Preparation of Salvia miltiorrhiza utility aqueous extract by hydrochloric acid method and evaluation on osteoblast
Aim To prepare and qualitatively control the water extracts bioactive compounds (Danshen Gubao Ⅱ) from Danshen(Salvia miltiorrhiza) and to evaluate the effects of Danshen Gubao Ⅱ on osteoblast inExpand
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Research Advances in Alcoholic Osteoporosis
Alcohol can disturb bone metabolism and even cause osteoporosis.The pathogenesis of alcoholic osteoporosis has not been completely elucidated,although it is generally recognized that the directExpand
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Effects of ovariectomized on different parts of bones in rats
AIM: To observe the changes of different parts of bones in rats 90 days after ovariectomized (OVX). METHODS: Twenty 4.5 month old virgin female Sprague Dawley rats were randomly divided into 2Expand
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Research progress of Polygonum multiflorum for preventing and treating osteoporosis
Objective:To explore the research advances on Polygonum multiflorum′s effect to prevent and treat osteoporosis.Methods:Consulting the literatures at home and abroad,the pharmacologicalExpand
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Study on the Optimum Soak Time of Ginsenosides with Soak Mothod
Objective:To optimize the soak time of ginsenosids in red ginseng tails.Method:Ginsenoside Rb1,Rg1,Re in different soak times were respectively analyzed by high performance liquidExpand
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