Wu-Sung Yao

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Despite significant efforts to develop micropumps, cumbersome driving equipment means that the design of portable micropumps remains a challenge. This study presents a stand-alone micropump system, which includes a peristaltic micropump based on piezoelectric actuation and a driving circuit. This battery-based driving circuit comprises a 12 V battery, an(More)
The dual-drive electric wheelchair with power assisted control is essential for improving the mobility of disabled people. In this paper, a voltage-current-based observer is proposed to realize the force/torque sensorless control of power-assisted wheelchairs. The feature of the proposed observer is that only the input voltage and armature current response(More)
Position-based periodic motions have appeared in many industrial processes such as cam-followers. The period of the output motion driven by the cam varies in the time-domain but is fixed in the angular position-domain, which is called time-varying periodic motion. This paper presents a plug-in type repetitive control scheme for reducing tracking errors via(More)
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