Wu Su

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Molecular imaging of cells and cellular processes can be achieved by tagging intracellular targets such as receptors, enzymes, or mRNA. Seeking to visualize the presence of specific mRNAs by magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, we coupled peptide nucleic acids (PNA) with gadolinium-based MR contrast agents using cell-penetrating peptides for intracellular(More)
Peptide nucleic acid (PNA) is a DNA mimic consisting of the four common bases of DNA on a pseudopeptide backbone that makes it extremely stable in biological fluids. Antisense PNA is targeted against mRNA in cytoplasm in a sequence specific manner. However, the main hindrance to the effective use of PNAs has been their relatively poor uptake by cells.(More)
The bottom-up organization of functional materials with nanoscale precision is a central goal for the development of future sensors, machines, and devices. [1] Underpinning these developments has been the rapid progression of DNA-guided processes, [2] which uniquely provides an addressable template for the placement of molecular components in discrete one-,(More)
Peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) are DNA mimics with a neutral peptide backbone instead of the negatively charged sugar phosphates. PNAs exhibit several attractive features such as high chemical and thermal stability, resistance to enzymatic degradation, and stable binding to their RNA or DNA targets in a sequence-specific manner. Therefore, they are widely(More)
Iris recognition becomes an important technology in our society. Visual patterns of human iris provide rich texture information for personal identification. However, it is greatly challenging to match intra-class iris images with large variations in unconstrained environments because of noises, illumination variation, heterogeneity and so on. To track(More)
We describe a photonic waveguide where FRET is routed uni-directionally along a double-stranded DNA track. The efficiency of FRET is modulated by the supramolecular control of fluorophores along double-stranded DNA using fluorophore-tethered Pyrrole-Imidazole polyamides (PAs). We show that uni-directional FRET is enhanced by the complete assembly of each of(More)
A mild, facile one-step synthetic strategy for the preparation of size- and shape-controlled silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) is presented. The high degree of size- and shape-control of these AgNPs is achieved by the use of triazole sugar ligands scaffolded by a central resorcinol ether core. Both the triazoles and the resorcinol ether core mediate the(More)
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